Gift Sets & Favors

We are currently designing our gift set and shower favor offerings.

Our intention is to do color coordinated soap and candle sets as gifts. Most scents can be used in both soy wax and glycerin soap. Coloring may vary slightly between candles and soaps so please keep this in mind. Any combination of candles and soaps can be used to create a gift basket.

The photos below are of a few baskets that were done for a baby shower. The contents were photographed in the basket and separately, as the baskets are no longer available.


Our soaps, tea lights and tarts are available packaged in organza bags. We will attempt to match the color theme for the event both in the item color and bags.

We have both small bar molds and large bath sized heart molds that say “It’s a boy” or “It’s a girl” for baby showers.

We have bath sized conversation hearts which say “KISS ME”, “LOVE”, “BE MINE”, “I’M YOURS” and “HUGS” for that special someone or occasion.

Until we have this page completed, please contact us at Special Requests to request candle and soap sets or favors. 



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